JBS Bookkeeping Services has been providing professional services to an extensive range of organisations throughout Brisbane since 1998. JBS help their Clients lower costs, free up time, increase their own knowledge of accounting systems and streamline internal processes with the aim of improving business systems and reaching their business goals.

The hands-on approach and career backgrounds of the entire JBS team gives the company valuable insight into creating the best account solutions for Clients. Coupled with extensive experience in both manual and computerised bookkeeping services, this positions JBS as a valuable service asset to any business looking for outsourced bookkeeping services. JBS works closely with businesses across a broad range of business sizes, industries and requirements. The team is committed to sourcing and implementing innovative systems and processes, enabling the team to maximise efficiency whilst delivering consistency, accuracy and quality. JBS Bookkeeping Services are proud to be a member of the Australian Bookkeepers Network and a recognised MYOB Professional Partner and Reckon Professional Partner.

  • Services for Businesses & Not-for-Profits

    A broad range of finance software packages are supported, and Clients requiring non software based systems are catered for with a comprehensive suite of customised forms and spreadsheets to meet their needs.

    JBS tailor all Client services to your specific business needs with bookkeepers available on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, or simply as required.

    The JBS list of services for businesses and not-for-profit organisations includes:

    BAS and GST
    We can calculate, prepare and lodge your BAS, including PAYG/IAS, Fuel Tax Credits, Fringe Benefits Tax, Wine Equalisation Tax and LCT.

    Prepare paperwork for Accountant
    Enjoy a stress-free end of financial year with JBS. We can send a copy of your business’s financial records directly to your accountant to get your tax returns prepared and lodged with ease. We can also touch base with them throughout the year with updates on how your business is tracking, so they can continue to provide their expert advice for your business’s tax strategy and structure. Just send us your Accountant’s details and we will take care of the rest.

    Structure Office Systems
    Managing the flow of data can be a nightmare without a reliable system in place. Our bookkeeping specialists can implement a process designed specifically for your business to keep all of your data and paperwork tight, tidy and under control. We can also freshen up your current systems, so they can keep up with your growing business. A strong system helps ensure the accurate maintenance of your financial records.

    Setups, Software Installation & Sales
    Let us help you select the right accounting package for your business. As MYOB, Reckon and Xero Professional Partners, we can arrange the purchase and installation of your business accounting software quickly and easily. We then take care of the setup and customisation of the package for your needs, so you can start using your accounting package as soon as possible.

    Back loading of data
    Turn that pile of papers into tidy totals that don’t clutter your office. Back loading for previous financial years can facilitate EOY procedures and create benchmark reference for future financial analysis.

    Whether working onsite at your business location or remotely from our offices, your JBS bookkeeping specialist will always leave or return your financial documents neatly filed, labelled and ready to be archived. Simple.

    Template Creation
    We love templates – it really streamlines your data and keeps things flowing efficiently. Ask your JBS Bookkeeping Specialist to customise your templates for your accounting software. If you need a Spreadsheet or form, please ask us as our team is versatile across a range of common template tools.

    In-house Staff Training
    JBS has a number of Client Support & Training Specialists available for Xero, Accentis, MYOB and Reckon. We show your team the most efficient way to use the accounting package based on your business’s requirements, including trouble-shooting, shortcut keys and coding, automatic transactions and internet bank feeds to reduce data entry time.

    Data Entry
    Our data entry services are an efficient way to maximise your time as a business manager.

    Clean ups
    A very popular request and often the starting point for getting your bookkeeping organized once and for all. We can review and correct setup issues, streamline your general ledger, and update data to meet compliance requirements.

    Set-up Inventory, Budgets and Job Costing Systems
    Most packages offer great functionality that often goes unnoticed or unused. They can be a little tricky to get setup, but once it’s in, it allows smooth tracking of your inventory/stock control, budgeting tools and even systems to allow jobs to be tracked and reported on from quote to delivery stage. Ask us how these functions could benefit your business and streamline your processes.

    Payroll, PAYG and Superannuation
    Save time with our comprehensive suite of payroll services:

    • Payroll setup and training for you or your staff.
    • Regular payroll processing (weekly, fortnightly or monthly; onsite or offsite)
    • PAYG withholdings/IAS.
    • Management of Australian Superannuation calculations and submissions.
    • Monitor Australian Award Guidelines.
    • Payment Summaries at end of financial year.


    Cashflow Forecasting, Budgeting, Charting and Reporting
    Reports should be easy to read, accurate and help you make important decisions for your business. We generate useful reports that our clients understand.

    Quality Assurance, Compliance, Protocol
    We conduct an efficient yet thorough review of your records to ensure data integrity and compliance with ATO standards and legislation. Highly recommended before lodging your BAS and forwarding your data to the accountant for income returns. We can also forward this report to your accountant, flagging any tax-related issues requiring their expertise.

    Financial Management Support
    It’s important to JBS that your time is maximised. Let us do the leg work for you by:

    Liaising with the ATO
    JBS can liaise with the ATO on your behalf for all BAS related matters for your business. This includes confirming and lodging BAS related items, resolving queries and setting up payment plans for outstanding tax debts .

    Liaising with your Accountant
    We also maintain a close working relationship with your Accountant to ensure that your tax planning remains on track. We can supply your Accountant with the required reports, calculations, data and documentation throughout the financial year to assist in minimising your tax obligations . Any changes to your business circumstances which may affect your tax obligations can be communicated and resolved with your Accountant by JBS – one less thing you need to worry about.

    Liaising with your key external advisors
    From time to time, your financial advisor, business coach, lawyer or bank may request your financial records. Let us know, and we can arrange to collate and deliver the information they need.

  • Services for Barristers & Law firms


    JBS Legal Account Solutions provides specialist bookkeeping services for the Legal Industry

    With a multitude of business sizes in different growth stages, a rewarding challenge for our team exists in continually tailoring solutions to meet our client’s ever-changing requirements.

    We encourage and support a forward-thinking, solutions-based approach to all client work. This is one of the many ways we maintain our client’s confidence in our service.

    Together we make a strong team within our field and envisage future team members and clients benefiting from our combined experience and skills within the legal industry.


    Our services include

    Quality Assurance & Compliancy
    We conduct a thorough review of your records to ensure data integrity and compliance with ATO and trust account legislation.

    Section 263 Trust Compliance Preparation & Yearly Trust Audit Preparation
    Trust and Audit preparations have strict compliance requirements, and can be a tedious (and sometimes stressful) task for Accounts Clerks. At JBS, we can manage all of your trust compliance and audit preparation from start to finish, leaving your team to get on with the other important accounts tasks for your firm. Or we can simply review your current trust account processes and ensure compliance with the Trust Accounts Act and Legal Profession Act and Regulations, giving you peace of mind that your Accounts Staff are using the most efficient, compliant system to keep your data in check (and your Auditor very happy).

    End of Financial Year Tax preparation
    Preparing your end of financial year records can be a time-consuming task, and often results in delayed delivery of data to your accountant. A JBS Legal Accounts Specialist can unburden your Accounts Staff, by completing all reconciliations, payment summaries and compliance reviews. We also review the treatment of capital items, bad debts and other pertinent transactions to assist your Accountant in maximising your tax returns. Finally, a detailed copy of our Quality Assurance and Compliance review is sent to your accountant, with items for their attention clearly noted and highlighted. This service ensures your Accountant’s time can be focused on your tax planning and returns – exactly where you need them to be.


    BAS Calculations & Lodgements
    We can calculate, prepare and lodge your BAS and PAYG/IAS, Fringe Benefits Tax and Payroll Tax.

    Data Processing
    Reliable data processing means reliable reporting. Entry of your cheques, receipts, journals, payroll and adjustments should be accurate and efficient. Our Legal Account Specialists can save you time and provide peace of mind that entries are being allocated correctly, to maximise your BAS and tax returns.

    Set-ups & Clean-ups
    We can assist you in the selection, set-up or customisation of the right legal accounting package for your needs. We can also review and correct set-up issues, streamlining your general ledger for better reporting and ensuring your data meets compliance requirements.

    Bookkeeping/Admin Systems & Procedures
    Reliable systems are integral to managing the flow of data. Our Legal Account Specialists can design and implement systems specifically for your business to keep your data and paperwork in order, under control and easily accessible.

    Staff Training
    We show your team the most efficient processes for assured data integrity and reduced data processing times. Templates and recurring transactions can also be generated to assist in the allocation of income and expenses to the correct ledgers.


    For more information on legal bookkeeping services please visit JBS Legal Account Solutions at