Why Choose JBS

We are flexible across a broad range of business sizes, industries and requirements. We also service international corporate clients, prominent law firms and not-for-profit organisations. Our client base also includes successful business owners who just haven’t had time to get their bookkeeping under control yet. The JBS team is committed to sourcing and implementing innovative systems and processes, enabling the team to maximise efficiency whilst delivering consistency, accuracy and quality.

Click on your business type for more detail on how we can help you:

  • Corporates, Charities & Not-for-profit Organisations

    As a JBS Corporate Client, you need a bookkeeping service that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and staff. Here’s what choosing JBS means for you:

      • A dedicated Client Services Manager for your business, streamlining communication between you and JBS
      • Experienced corporate bookkeepers who understand Audit Level Compliance and the strict processes it demands
      • Specialist knowledge and experience in the additional requirements of not-for-profit organisations
      • Management reporting designed for you, with an additional set of reports for investors
      • Temporary and relief bookkeeping arrangements
      • Tailored bookkeeping solutions for you means minimal disruptions to you and your staff
      • Additional training for your staff as required
      • Preparation of data for your accountant and Auditor
      • A team of Registered BAS Agents, qualified to lodge your BAS and associated requirements directly to the ATO
      • Professional Bookkeepers who are always up to date with taxation legislation and best accounts practices
      • Assured confidentiality, privacy and data security
      • A professional bookkeeping service means you can be confident in your accounts
  • Businesses, Contractors & Account Managers

    As a JBS Business client, you get more than a bookkeeping service. Here’s what choosing JBS means for your business:

      • Effective Management reporting, to keep you in touch with your figures with simple, effective reports
      • Manage your business – Less time doing bookkeeping means more time doing business
      • Save money on Accounting fees – As registered BAS Agents, JBS can lodge your BAS and prepare your end of financial year data, so your Accountant can focus on your tax planning, business structure and maximising your returns
      • Accurate records of all work undertaken ensures clear communication between your Accountant and JBS (no double handling of data)
      • Customised systems to manage your data makes it easier to get your data and documents from your desk to ours
      • JBS works with your interests at heart and business goals in mind. We understand small business, and most of our team members have managed or owned small businesses themselves
      • JBS Quality Assurance processes ensure accurate, compliant work for you.
      • A dedicated Client Services Manager for your business, to organise your bookkeeping and anticipate your needs as a growing business
      • JBS Privacy and Integrity Guarantee. Confidentiality of your financial information and business records is assured
      • Businesses, Contractors & Accounts Managers
  • Barristers & Law Firms

    Our legal team is supervised and supported by our Legal Team Manager, Managing Director, General Manager and Operations Manager who together have over 30 years experience in the legal industry.

    Our strong corporate structure aids in setting us apart from our competitors together with:

      • An experienced and skilled team dedicated to ensuring our clients receive value and quality work, with peace-of-mind from knowing their books are in order and accurate in readiness for year end
      • Staff committed to continued improvement who are fully qualified and up-to-date with legislative requirements regarding trust accounts, auditing and compliance issues
      • Our reputation for innovative thinking, effective problem solving and quality work – with a strong focus on identifying clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations
      • The depth of support amongst our team members to aid and assist each other in problem-solving
      • Our continued commitment and support in training and development of our team ensuring up-to-date knowledge and technical know-how
      • Tailored packages to suit our client’s needs. We understand that all businesses have their own processes and procedures by which they wish to rely so we tailor our service and packages around those systems. We can also set up processes and procedures for those who wish to review their current structure
      • Staff experienced in a range of legal accounting software packages including LEAP; Open Practice; Comparto; Lawmaster; Locus Affinity; PC Law; Law Ledger; MYOB; and more