Xero Roadshow scores another big win in Brisbane

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The Xero Roadshow hit Brisbane this week and what a stand out event it was!  Our superstar Xero Team Manger, Sharon Watts, drew the lucky straw and went along to catch up on all the exciting new developments and touch base with the add-on partners and the dynamic Xero team members.

I spent some time with Sharon today to get some feedback on the roadshow and after her rave review I just wanted to share some of her comments as they really underline the progressive nature and Gold Standard service that the worlds most beautiful accounting software brings to the online accounts management industry.

What did you find most valuable about the Xero Roadshow?

I find that no matter if you have attended the beginners to Xero sessions in the past that you still come away learning something new as Xero is being developed constantly so it always pays to go to all the sessions to keep informed of new developments that can benefit clients (even if you think you already know it all).  I really enjoyed the conversion to Xero session as it reiterated some excellent points that significantly streamline the conversion process.

A lot of the add-on partners there with stalls and handouts on the various packages which was fantastic as it gives you an overview of what is available, especially when I am speaking to clients with specific needs.  As we have a number of clients who need more than the standard Xero software features, it is essential to keep up to date with solutions for their individual business requirements.

What was the highlight of the day for you?

I was very interested to hear about the new releases due over the next few months and it was exciting to hear about some of Xero’s plans for the future with the introduction of elements of taxation such as electronic filing of TFN forms and PAYG certificates to the ATO; purchase orders and the functionality to convert them to an invoice; developments with Workflow Max which could mean it will be ideal for more organisations to use; and updates to the GST codes so there will no longer be GST exempt and No GST it will just be BAS excluded or GST on purchases which is much more understandable for clients.


What was your overall impression of the Roadshow and Team Xero?

It was clear from some of the changes they are making that Xero listens to what their customers want and it was great  to put faces to names, as you receive emails from Xero staff members so when you meet them its lovely.

The event was really well organised, as always, and the sessions were of an ideal length with speakers who kept you interested throughout.  The speakers and staff are always easy to approach and friendly and it was also very interesting to see the numbers that turned up for the roadshow compared to previous ones I have attended and you can see the numbers increasing all the time.